In the Beginning was the Word...

The Word, or the Sound of God, was the primordial creative vibration from the Heart of God. Thus, when the Lord said “Let there be Light”, He used the Divine usage of sound to manifest one of the first objects of creation, which was the Light. Sound is vibration and Light is energy.

The Way of Truth is a Mystery School of the highest order based on the Light and Sound of God. If you are a seeker of truth, there are always aspects of truth that are still a mystery to you. When you enter the inner gates of our Mystery School, all that was once a mystery will slowly reveal itself to you.

These Mysteries are not occult or hidden, they are just not known by the average individual and many spiritually advanced individuals.

All that we do at The Way of Truth is for the sake of God, for the Universe and for mankind.

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What We do

Join us and receive answers to the “whys” of your life, the “whys” of the Universe and the “whys” of Creation. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn about the deeper wisdom of the Light and Sound, of the Universe and of God.

Learn the deeper Mysteries of life and unravel the petals of the divine flower until you can see the Heart of All Things.

A life understood is a life without fear, a life of great potential. 

Universal Soul Movement

The Way of Truth offers many different spiritual practices, all designed to promote self awareness and spiritual development.

Universal Soul Movement is an integral part of our Mystery School. It is the ability to move one’s consciousness from one location to another. This is different than Astral Travel which is limited to the physical and the Astral Planes.

Universal Soul Movement has an infinite potential.  It creates a pathway by which one may explore the many mansions of God while still operating in the physical body. All of our teachings are comprehensive and designed to create authentic Masters of spirituality who live in the Heart of Love.

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man of hear and light

Heart Consciousness

Activating the Heart Consciousness allows you to access a great source of divine wisdom and love as well as spiritual strength. It is another important aspect of The Way of Truth’s teachings.

In the physical worlds, the heart and the mind are both electrical and electromagnetic organs. Both, not just the mind, are also organs of consciousness. However, their esoteric natures are vastly different since the Mind Consciousness is limited to the worlds of duality, while the Heart Consciousness is free to move throughout all the worlds of God, including those beyond the worlds of duality.

It is, in fact, a direct connection from Soul to God. The Heart is said to be 5000 times stronger than the power of the mind, and thus it has the power to link with the Universal forces of All Things and to bring harmony, peace, balance and order to our inner and outer lives. Consequently, as a spiritual Initiate you do not have to rely on the mind consciousness alone.

 In fact, you have something much better available to you. The Way of Truth offers spiritual processes and techniques that open the door to awakening your Heart Consciousness and that will allow you to make powerful and profound changes in your life.  

The Heart Consciousness and the Christ Consciousness are essentially one; they both lead to The God Conscious State.

The Heart Consciousness allows you to access a great source of divine wisdom and love, as well as spiritual might. When operating from the Heart Consciousness State one can commune with others and the Universe on a deeply profound level.

You Are Invited

You are invited on a journey to the Source of all Sources, a journey where the Mysteries become knowledge. We are all children of God seeking the truth, and ultimately, we are on our way home. There are many ways to get home, but there is a short cut and that short cut is called “The Way of Truth.”

The Way of Truth is a collection of Souls on the Outer and on the Inner Spiritual Planes working together to expand the Heart Consciousness of all Souls in the Universe.

Many Souls are functioning on the Inner Planes of Soul as “members” of our spiritual community, yet in their daily lives here on the physical plane, they have no knowledge of that.

Thus, the true “membership” of The Way of Truth is much larger than is visible in the outer organization. And the purpose of the outer organization is to awaken those Souls to their true potential and to ground the Christ Consciousness of the Heart on Earth for the good of all.

Joining The Way of Truth does not limit your spiritual study to only its teachings.

It is a Universal path of Wisdom, so we have students and initiates from every possible faith, scientific persuasion and discipline.

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Staircase to Heaven

Your Current Spiritual Path

You do not need to leave your current Spiritual Path to join The Way of Truth, nor is that encouraged to do so, if you are content with your path.

We have members who have been raised in many spiritual traditions: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Paganism, the Goddess path, philosophy, psychology, science, and the New Age movement. It doesn’t matter what path you have come down, but where you are going in your search for  deeper understanding.

From the higher perspective, all of these great rivers merge in the purity of the Ocean of Love and Mercy from which we all arise, and the Way of Truth is aligned with the Source of All Things. All those who seek to know the heart of God without dogma or prejudice are welcome.

However, when one decides to become a student of The Way of Truth you will find that it is a commitment to serve God at a very high level.

Many mental and emotional chains and beliefs will fall to the wayside. This is an opportunity to connect with master teachers who have long guided humanity from behind the scenes, and to ground that learning in the physical plane.

It is an opportunity to have direct experiences with Sages on the Inner levels who are operating on these higher planes, and to become a Self Realized being on the path to Mastery.

Thus as a spiritual Initiate you do not have to rely on the mind alone.  You have something much better available to you.

The Way of Truth offers spiritual processes that open the door to awakening your Heart Consciousness and aligning with the Divine Plan. This will allow you to make subtle, but powerful  changes in your life.  The Heart Consciousness and the Christ Consciousness are  one. They allow you to access a great source of divine wisdom, love, and spiritual might. When operating from the this state one can reach a God Consciousness state.

The Spiritual Teachings

Your first step as a student in our Mystery School is the study of the monthly discourses in our Beginner’s Manual.

After that, you will want to start on the Cornerstone Discourses, making time to do your daily spiritual practices to develop your connection to the Inner Realms. This will allow you to pace yourself to develop your spiritual gifts at a balanced rate.

These first two sets of discourses can be studied alone or with others as you wish. Each Sunday at 11:00 AM EST on Zoom or on the phone there is a group HU chant and meditation, then the camaraderie of group sharing. This is a weekly call that comes with membership, and is designed to not only create community with others around the world, but to accelerate your own spiritual progress through the power of group energy.

All of our sets of discourses are designed to re-calibrate your spiritual vibration and to ground you in a fundamental knowledge of our Mystery School. As time goes on, you will grow in understanding and any gray clouds in your consciousness will be dissipated by the Divine, like the rays of the glorious Sun after a storm.

The Offering of Light
Three Kings

The Way of the MAGI

After the first year of study has laid the foundation for your spiritual edifice, the second year of monthly discourses will begin your study of the Way of the Magi. The Magi are known from the New Testament story of Jesus. They are the three Wise Men astrologers, magicians and kings who knew of Christ’s birth and understood its significance. They were, in truth, Master Initiates as well.

In the second year you will learn many practical aspects of The Way of Truth which will teach you how to become a “Heart Warrior,” just as the Magi of old were. In order to teach you to expand your Heart Consciousness, these discourses will contain more spiritual exercises and techniques than the first year of study.

As a student at any level of initiation, you are also invited to attend our Sunday teleconference calls. 

Each week, these calls allow you to interact with your new spiritual Brothers and Sisters through discussion of one of our sacred texts.

You will have the fellowship of other students and hear about their experiences. You may also ask questions which may be answered by other members. You will also have the opportunity to attend our annual retreat held on a weekend near the 22nd of October which represents our Spiritual New Year. A global retreat is generally conducted on that weekend. You will be notified of the event and an invitation to attend will be sent to you.

Finally, being a student of our Mystery School requires dedication and discipline. As with all things, you will get out what you put in.

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