Creating Sacred Ceremony

Candle flame held by girl

Since the beginning of time human beings have been creating Sacred Ceremonies.

This is because prayer, ceremony and sacred rituals arise out of the human heart.

They are a cry from our Souls to our Creator that allows us to celebrate, mourn, share, and rejoice with God and our families in the ever changing seasons of human existence.


Ceremonies give us a means through which we can sanctify a moment, mark a new chapter in our lives, release the old and embrace the new, asking for the support of friends and community.

They act as a potent process that allows us to pull back the Veils of time and space to connect with our true inner Selves and the power of the Divine that is all around us.

Ceremonies amplify our intentions as we go into our hearts to communicate with the Divine power of the Universe. And they allow us to experience moments of clarity, joy, support, fellowship, and tenderness within ourselves and with those we love.

In ancient times Sacred Ceremony was used in temples across the world to connect with the God/Goddess energy of All That Is.

Ceremonial torches

It was used in conjunction with prayer, meditation, dreams, and the development of our spiritual gifts. Ceremony was also used to allow Initiates to have a direct experience of the Divine for themselves.

By pulling back the Veils between this world and the next, we are each able to realize that we are all truly eternal Souls having a human experience, rather than perishable beings whose awareness ends when the body dies.


Birthday party

Today we still celebrate many beautiful Sacred Rites in churches, synagogues, mosques, and holy shrines across the world, not only in the Abrahamic religions, but in every tradition that seeks to know God.

In our daily lives we also celebrate many personal rituals. These may include christenings, ba mitzvahs, religious confirmations, birthdays, engagements, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, retirements, funerals and end of life celebrations.

All of these are forms of Sacred Ceremony that anchor the different chapters of our lives. Each of these, if done in a sacred manner, both releases the past and then opens the door to the next exciting adventure of our lives.


Within the Way of Truth, we honor these ceremonies, both great and small, and when it is appropriate we call in the assistance of the Spiritual Forces of Light.

This may include Angels, Masters or even higher divinities to assist in the healing of the Earth, the passing of a loved one, the releasing of old blockages, the manifestation of a dream, or the blessings of a marriage.

In doing so, we create a new and joyous pathway to the future. We act as mediators between this world and the next, helping to support the greatest good for all concerned, build strong friendships and communities, and manifest the highest unfolding on the Soul’s path to mastery.

Sacred Wedding