About the Clergy


The Clergy is an aspect of The Way of Truth that serves in many capacities, including World Healing Chants, individual Healing Circles, and creating events that are focused on  being in Service to the World.

CLERGY MEMBERSHIP is highly recommended because Clergy Members are often active in Healing Sessions, World Chants, and other powerful activities that bring more Light into our World to help balance the Planet.

Clergy Members not only learn how to hold space to create Sacred Ceremonies for others, like Weddings, Christenings, and Funerals, but also become trained in helping individuals with personal problems including various forms of healing work. They have the chance to undergo training in a variety of modalities including Spiritual Healing, Distance Healing, Crystal Healing, Emotional Release work, and the honoring of individual Life Passage events.

As Souls who have one foot in the physical world, and another foot in the spiritual realms, they act as intermediaries between the worlds. This service can happen at both a personal and a global level for the healing of both individuals and the planet.

Many of the Members of The Way of Truth choose to become Members of the Clergy because they are drawn to higher service, and they want to continue to grow and learn. Any Initiate who has reached the Third Level of Initiation can ask to join us.

hand of light

Clergy Members meet for Training Classes once a month, on the Fourth Saturday of each Month to undergo special Training from the Masters and Higher Initiates.

These students are also privy to Special Discourses and Sacred Ceremonies for Events like Weddings, Funerals, Christenings, and so forth.

The Training Discourses and Webinars for the Blue, Green, and White Robe Orders are still in the process of development, so stay tuned over the next year as these amazing Discourse Series and webinars unfold.