The White Robe Order

Masters of the White Robe

The White Robe Order has long been called the Great White Brotherhood or Brotherhood of Light because of its alignment with the Light of God. The color white was chosen because it is the color closest to the Sun, the source of all light, warmth and illumination in our world. The term Brotherhood is not intended to be sexist. It is meant to establish equality among all people who join its ranks –  male or female, slave or king, no matter what their rank or position in the outer world. All Members of this Order stand shoulder to shoulder as partners in service to the greater Light of God.


The Order of the White Robe is located at the top of the twelfth plane of consciousness, and the primary mission of the Brotherhood of Light is the awakening of all Souls in creation to discover the eternal light that dwells within the heart of all living things.


This Fellowship includes people of all races, nationalities, and planetary bodies who have progressed far enough on the road to enlightenment to be able to join their Order. The White Robe Order works with the great Master Milarepa and the Grand Council, the Silent Nine, and they head up all councils that govern the affairs of Sugmad in the Lower Worlds.



The head of the Great White Brotherhood is Sanat Kumara, a being who is established on the seventeenth level of the planes of God. Sanat Kumara is one of the four Great Kumaras or Sons of God that are direct emanations of the Divine Father/Mother consciousness. These four great Kumaras are also known as the Four Deathless Ones and their existence is written about in the Vedas. These four Kumaras are among the highest expressions of Divinity sent into the Lower Worlds to help the evolution Souls. From time to time one of them will incarnate into human form, each time bringing a message that has the power to change the world.

The great Master Jesus was an incarnation of one of these Kumaras, as was Thoth, the god of wisdom in ancient Egypt, and Horus, the god of light and healing. Great champions for all of mankind, their mission is the uplifting of all humanity, and so they work in concert with the other great Masters from the Way of Truth to assist in bringing forth the Light.  

Master Jesus holds up Light


The Great White Brotherhood understands that the creation of the Universe is multidimensional in nature, and composed of many different energetic planes or dimensions. They hold positions of service throughout these planes, many times overseeing the Temples of Golden Wisdom that are established in the various realms.

They serve in the great libraries where the Akashic Records are kept, helping Souls to view their past life choices, and to make better choices for the future. They help in the healing of Souls between lifetimes, for those who have fallen prey to violence, addiction, alcohol or drug use, or used their life energies in a negative or destructive manner. They teach in the various Wisdom Schools that are found on the Inner Planes. They also help to prepare Souls who are coming to Earth with the tools and lessons they will need in their coming incarnation.

The Mastery of Balance

Buddha meditating

The Masters of the White Robe Order understand that the Universe is holographic. Thus in the same way that there are many dimensions to the Cosmos, so too is humanity itself is composed of many different subtle energy bodies. All of these bodies are addressed in the teachings of the Way of Truth. The Masters understand that in some lives we advance only one or two aspects of ourselves, often neglecting the others.

For example, a lifetime of academic study might create a strong mental body, while at the same time neglecting the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of who we are. A lifetime as an athlete or warrior might advance our physical discipline, but never address our compassion or wisdom. Another lifetime of prayer and devotion might develop the spiritual parts of us, while abandoning the social, sexual, and financial aspects of how we learn to manifest our thoughts or use our energies in the world.

So achieving Mastery is not an overnight feat. It is a longer journey. It takes many lifetimes to develop and master the many parts of who we are.  These great Masters understand the importance of cleansing and healing these various bodies: the physical, emotional, astral, mental, causal and spiritual etheric parts of us, and aligning them with the Light and Sound.

This purification process is the method that every Soul must take in the journey of awakening and ascension. Thus the Masters of the White Robe Order teach the spiritual practices of meditation, peace and going within, as well as how to be of active service for the greatest good in the world.  

The Way of the Return

Like the Way of Truth, these Masters are teachers of the Middle Path. They understand the necessity for both the dark and the light to exist, but they serve the Light.

These polarities act as contrasts, or “grist for the mill” on the journey that each Soul takes towards Self awakening. Only by having this landscape of contrast are Souls then free to make their own choices and determine when, or if, they want to make their way back to the Source of Love.

Thus the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood are about creation, love, forgiveness, balance and flow in one’s life, always traveling the Middle Path towards Sugmad.

This means that they honor the balance between the male and female, light and dark, positive and negative forces throughout the Universe. While ultimately they realize that each polarity has its part to play, they are very much on the side of the Light and thus, have tirelessly worked for humanity’s awakening throughout the millennia.

Yin Yang with butterflies

The Sacred Chalice

This path was called the Ancient Way by the great Master Thoth in Egypt. It was named the Middle Path by Buddha, and the Way of Truth by Master Parmenides in Greece. Jesus called it the Way, and Mary Magdalene called it the Way of the Chalice.

The Chalice is a perfect symbol for this path of balance for the bowl represents the Divine Feminine, the stem represents the Divine Masculine, the base represents our grounding Spirit onto the Earth, and the open cup represents our receptivity to the flow of God in our lives.

When the male and female are joined in balance and grounded in the Earth, then we can open ourselves up to the flow of Spirit.

Masters of the White Robe see the Divine in all things, and seek a higher perspective that leads to the spiritual evolution of all Souls on countless worlds.  Since their mission is Unity, they always seek to establish unity consciousness wherever they go.



In a review of the world’s great religions the paths that fall under the mantle of the White Robe Order are the Way of Truth, the Egyptian wisdom teachings, Jesus’ original teachings, Buddhism, Taoism, Eastern Mysticism, Shintoism, Zen, the Kabbalah, the Platonic and Neo-Platonic Greek Mysteries, the teachings of Pythagoras, the Orphic Mysteries, the Essenes, the Priestesses of Isis, and the Yogic sciences.