The Lavender Robe Order

Lavender Robe Order

The Order of the Lavender Robe brings together all the great paths of wisdom, discovery, and truth under one great banner. It includes not only Initiates from the Sehaji Order, but those Souls who were once members of the Knights Templar. The Templar Knights were sworn protectors of the hidden legacy and teachings of the great Master Jesus. They were monk warriors of great dedication who rose to prominence throughout Europe.

Today many members of the Lavender Robe Order are the reincarnations of those warrior monks. These are male and female Knights sworn to protect the sovereignty of the Earth, the Heart Consciousness taught by Jesus, or Issa, and dedicated to assisting the planet in making its transition into the coming Golden Age.

The Lavender Robe Order includes Initiates from the other spiritual Orders who align with this higher purpose. As protectors of the Earth and the Christ Consciousness, they are known as Heart Warriors, and trained in ancient wisdom, healing and the art of spiritual warfare. Souls fortunate enough to be invited into this Order, have received training in at least one of the other Orders, for each of these spiritual chapters are energetic pathways of service within the company of the Divine. One can be a member of the Lavender Robe Order and still serve in the other Wisdom Orders.

The head of this Order is a Master of the highest level who works closely with the Living Sehaji Master of the time, as well as the Nine Silent Ones who help to oversee the running of the Universe.  It is said that those who are members of this Order will act to protect the Light of Sugmad in the worlds below, and stop anyone who would try to disrupt the destined journeys of all the many Souls who are working to return to God awareness.

Jesus, Mary and Mary Magdalene

Because the Lavender Order is dedicated to the teachings of the Heart, it is closely aligned with the great teachers Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene is the unacknowledged aspect of the female Christ who is reemerging in our world today, after having been denigrated by the Catholic Church for over thirteen centuries. In 1979 they publicly proclaimed that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute and that they had been mistaken, but of course great damage was done to women and men, and even the balance of society in the millennia of time that this myth was perpetuated. This kind of negative slander is one of many propaganda campaigns put forth by the Church to marginalize the Divine Feminine.

Today, some of these lies are coming forth into the light of day, and as the Divine Feminine aspect rises in our world, we, as a society, have a chance to come back into balance. This is not only true at a personal level, where women are allowed to break out of the archetypes of Virgin, Whore, or Sinner, allowing them to reclaim their place as valuable human beings, but also at a societal level.

Women, like men, have great variety in their expressions on the Earth. Like their male counterparts, they are thinkers, writers, poets, painters, doctors, lawyers, philosophers, athletes, shamans, business people, healers, teachers and bringers of wisdom, as well as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives.  

The Lavender Robe Order, understanding this balance between the male and female Christ, and the merger of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, is a protector of this deeper legacy, which ultimately leads us to Inner Mastery. They bring together Initiates of every Order who would stand for and protect the spiritual truths that allow us to create a world of more unity and love.

Some Knights Templar History

Templar Knight alone

So, let’s share a bit of history about the Knights Templar. They were a spiritual Order of Knights that flourished in Europe and the Holy Lands from 1188 until 1308 when their ranks were hugely decimated by the French King Philip IV.

Philip had borrowed enormous sums of money from the Templars that he was not able to pay back. Because he knew that the Templars were wealthy, his plan was to murder the Knights and seize their gold, thus making himself the richest monarch in Europe.

While Philip did manage to covertly arrange for the simultaneous arrest of many Templars living in France on a day known as Friday the 13th, he never managed to get their gold.

Philip arrested, imprisoned and murdered 600 of the 3000 Templar Knights living in France at the time, but the rest escaped. This means that some 2400 knights left the country, taking with them their valued treasure.


Today many investigators believe that the Templar Knights settled in key places around the world like Scotland, Portugal and finally America, establishing legacies of democracy, freedom, and opportunity away from the heavy hand of monarchy, the feudal system and the inquisitions of the Church.

Understanding Revisionist History

In modern times the mysteries of the Knights Templar and what they taught has been rising. As the awareness of their plight returns in the exploration of television documentaries, there is still much controversy about their spiritual practices. 

Revisionist history, generated by King Philip to justify his self-serving actions, would have us believe that they were heretics and devil worshippers, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

What we know about this Order is that they were deeply dedicated to the teachings of the great Master Jesus, to protecting the Holy Lands for travelers going to Jerusalem, and to honoring Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine current of love.

Templar shieldw with cross

They were sponsored by an esoteric group called the Priory of Scion, who had special dispensation from the Pope. During their many years of protecting pilgrims in the Holy Lands, they excavated the stables of the Second Temple of Jerusalem.

This Temple had been destroyed by the Roman armies in 70 A.D. There, it is believed the Templars found not only the riches of King Solomon, but also evidence of the marriage of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, revealing a genetic bloodline that was later covered up by the Catholic Church. Thus they were protectors of these hidden secrets, concealed by the establishment, and true champions of the Jesus and Magdalene legacy.

The higher Initiates of the Knights Templars were also students of subjects banned by the Church.

This included the very important knowledge of sacred geometry, mathematics, and hermetic symbolism taught by the Pythagorean schools and the Mystery Schools of ancient Greece and Egypt.

Today, as we uncover their churches and spiritual centers, researchers have plotted this sacred geometry in the landscapes, revealing this higher knowledge.

We also know that the Templars symbol was the red cross on a white background. This is an emblem that still exists today in the organization of the Red Cross.

Templar battle

Sworn to the service of Christian ideals, these Knights practiced sobriety, discipline, jurisprudence, honor, brotherhood, lawfulness and service to their communities. They exalted love, wisdom, devotion and service as the highest principles of mankind. Trained as Warriors of the Heart, the Templar legacy of faith, bravery, fairness, service to others, and protection of the innocents lives on in us today

An Invitation

Today, the Lavender Robe Order welcomes all Initiates who believe in these higher principles of world service. Honoring all paths that serve the Greater Good, they understand that just as the many rivers flow into the mighty Ocean, so too, do our many lifetimes of learning, preparation, courage and devotion prepare us to become brothers and sisters in this Order. At its core the Lavender Robe Order brings together Warriors of the Heart.