Overview of the Robed Orders


BECOMING A MEMBER OF ONE OR MORE OF THE ROBED ORDERS allows you to embark on a deeper level of study. Below is a short Overview of each of the Various  Orders. Take a look around and see what you resonate with. You can become a Member of one or more of them, for we have all had many lifetimes of experience to draw from.

The White Robe Order is about the Wisdom of the Great Spiritual Mysteries, Hermetic Wisdom and the teachings of the Great Spiritual Masters and Mystery Schools from many lands. This includes Egypt, the Druids, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Kabbalah, and the Platonic and Neo Platonic Mysteries of the Greek Schools.

The Lavender Robe Order is for those Members who have a special resonance with the Wisdom Teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. These are often Souls who have past lives with the Gnostics, the Essenes, Avalon, King Arthur, the Grail Quest, the Knights Templar,  and the Mission of the Holy Grail.

Saint Germain Violet Ray

The Blue Robe Order focuses on Earth’s place in the Cosmos. So these teachings have to do with the Star Mysteries, our hidden extraterrestrial history, the Galactic Federation of planets, and the unfolding of our greater future. The Blue Robe Order also works with ley lines and clearing the Earth of lost spirits or ghosts who need to be released to support the mission of freeing t e planet for her next stage of evolution.

Blue Robe Master

The Green Robe Order is focused on the many paths of healing that are deeply needed in this world. This includes spiritual healing, crystal healing, herbal healing, karmic healing, Earth healing, and the healing of animals, trees and forest. It includes an understanding of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual anatomy of the Soul, and learning how to step into the role being a channel for the Higher Will of Spirit as a Healer.

Green Ray Master

The Golden Robe Order is a rare group of Spiritual Masters who have long ago achieved Mastery, and choose, for the love of other “less evolved souls” to take form in the Lower Worlds to help humanity.

These great Souls are all Bodhisattvas. They are called this because they no longer have karma in the lower realms. So when they come down in spiritual service, it is because they have taken vows to help their younger brothers and sisters. This glorious Order of Sages bring enlightenment where ever they go. 


Gold Robe Master