Spiritual Orders

Many Paths to God

There are as many paths to God as there are Souls in the Cosmos. However if we follow these tiny tributaries and streams, it all leads us back to the great River that flows from the heart of the Ocean of Love and Mercy. This infinite current, which is the Light and Sound of Sugmad Itself, is the central energy that feeds all Universes.

The Way of Truth, as a pure expression of the direct path of the Light and Sound of the Divine, recognizes that throughout the centuries of our many lifetimes, spiritual Seekers have embraced many different paths of knowledge, as well as expressions of spiritual service.

However in time, as the Spiritual Seeker awakens to the Light and Sound of pure beingness and heart that lies behind each genuine path of wisdom, they come back to the Great River from which it all flows. Along the way however, they may have chosen to study or serve in a number of varied capacities.

Below you will find a short list of the major Spiritual Orders that are still in full bloom, operating not only in the Third Dimension, but also on the Fourth and Fifth planes of God, and even beyond that.

In the drop down pages of this section we have dedicated an entire page to each of these profound Orders of spiritual service, and below we share a short summary of each.

The Lavender Robe Order

The Lavender Robe Order is a very high level of Initiates who come from lifetimes of service and training in many of the other paths or Orders. This Order is also directly connected with those who were once part of the Knights Templars, for they are deeply linked with the wisdom teachings of Jeshua, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. They are protectors and liberators of consciousness for the Earth.

The White Robe Order

The White Robe Order has long been referred to as the Great White Brotherhood or Fellowship of Light, for this Order is committed to the highest teachings of enlightenment for humanity. Long have they worked behind the scenes to establish cultures where the great Spiritual Mystery Schools once flourished, working always for the awakening of the human Soul into a realization of its higher nature. The White Robe Order of Masters and Initiates is the balance to the Grey Robe Order and extents up to the 12th Plane.

The Green Robe Order

The Green Robe Order sits directly below the White Robe Order, and is dedicated to healers of every persuasion, as well as those who work with the healing energies of Mother Earth. This Order includes herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, crystal healers, Aruvedic doctors, indigenous healers, ayahuasca shamans, as well as medicine men and women from many different traditions around the world:  Native American, Celtic, Druid, Chinese , Aborigine, East Indian, Mayan, Incan and African tribal cultures. Initiates of this Order also work in harmony with the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms. and are often being able to communicate with the intelligences behind these kingdoms.

The Blue Robe Order

The Blue Robe Order is an ancient Order of Magi, Merlins and members of the Melchizedek Order that are dedicated to the study of the stars, the laws of the Cosmos, and the great cycles of evolution that affect our planet. Their mission is an understanding of Earth’s place in the Cosmos, and how the celestial energies of time and space affect us as we move through the Planetary Ages of time.

The Grey Robe Order

The Grey Robe Order is an Order that has both negative and positive currents within it. While this Order is very necessary for the growth of individual Souls, it is in service to the Kal force. Only through the dance of contrast, or the light and dark, can Souls have the opportunity to experience free will.  So this Order presents both truth and illusion, giving us the chance to see through the Maya of negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

The Brown Robe Order

The Brown Robe Order sits beneath the Grey Line, and can operate within both the light and the dark fields of energy. It is a path dedicated to the disciplines of science, engineering, and electronic discovery, primarily focused on the mental constructs of the mind. While these discoveries can certainly be used for the betterment and growth of the world, they can also be used for the Kal forces of war, domination, greed and power. 

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