Donations and Tithing

To Bring Blessings, Money and Time Into Your Life

What is true prosperity? Many people think having millions of dollars, power and fame will make them happy, but consider how many wealthy people become emotionally distraught, physical or emotional addicts, chronically depressed and even suicidal.

In truth, money is merely our system for energy and value in our world! Money can be gained or spent in ways that either enrich us, or deplete us, bringing joy, pleasure or suffering to our world.

watering your money tree

Many people, rich and poor alike, report feeling wealthy and happy when they are fulfilling their life’s purpose, being creative, connecting with nature or loved ones, or being of service to family, community and to God.

What we do know is that even though we live in a physical Universe, Spiritual laws govern everything we see. They directly affect all levels of existence, right down to the manifestation of our health, our relationships, and our prosperity.

There is an old saying that “Money is the root of all evil,” but this is not true. Money is actually a neutral power. It is the means by which we give value to energy and time in our society.

In this way, money becomes a symbol of our life force. So when we give time and energy and money back to the Divine with no strings attached, it builds a different kind of life. This kind of giving actually increases the manifestation of everything good in our lives because it comes from our hearts, and through expanding our love energy into the world the Universe sends it back to us.

Understanding and Using Spiritual Law

When we misuse money with the energy of greed or in a destructive fashion, then our life often fails to prosper and expand. But when we give back to Spirit with an open and loving heart, then we increase the flow of everything in our lives.  This is the Spiritual Law behind the act of tithing or giving donations to the Divine. Whatever we do in Love comes back to us, because Love and abundance is the very nature of the Universe.

Of course when we are thinking from the human level, tithing can at first appear to be challenging. However spiritually and historically, tithing has always been recognized as a means of increasing one’s good fortune. Traditionally people have designated about 10% of their net income for the good of the community. In fact, biblical passages often associate the practice of tithing with the fertility of bountiful crops, which was common currency in those eras.

The spiritual reason for giving away 10% of our time and money is that it creates greater abundance, flow and blessings in our lives. It creates perpetuity and continuity between ourselves and Spirit.

According to the Kabbalah, the physical realm is called Malchut, the grossest of ten dimensions of Creation. This is the reason it is suggested that we tithe one tenth of our net income.

Let It Go and It Will Multiply

Should tithing be mandatory? No.

There is no coercion in spirituality. Benefits of spiritual action come only when we act from our own freewill. And the more joyously we give, the greater we are given back to. In most spiritual paths it is commonly believed that giving actually benefits the giver more than the receiver.

This means giving to God, the Infinite Creator, unselfishly, without gaining any benefit for yourself. Giving 10% may at first feel difficult, yet it can help to break our attachment to money, ego, and material items.

All avatars teach the spiritual Law of Karma or the Law of Return: In other words, what we do comes back to us. Another way of saying this is “We will always reap what we sow.”

When we are generous in giving our time and money to worthy causes, we will then find ourselves on the receiving end of Spirit’s infinite abundance.

Just as we breathe in, we must also breathe out.  Once we experience the joy of truly giving from our hearts, and not being in lack, then we will always find that it comes back to us.

A Blessing for the world

The Way of Truth has widespread benefits for all of humanity because it is in the flow of the great River of Love and Mercy that comes down from the highest levels of Heaven. It is a path of infinite abundance, joy and love. If you are aligned with this greater mission for the good of all mankind, then we invite you to consider tithing. 

An optimal way that you can begin is to tithe 5% or 10% of your excess money once a month. You can do this at the new moon, which is a natural time to plant new seeds for powerful abundance and growth in every month of the year. Take it at your own speed, as you feel called by Spirit. This generosity of heart, mind, spirit and action then opens the door for all kinds of miracles and new beginnings to manifest in your life.

We thank you for sharing your love and energy in spreading the wisdom of the Light and Sound through the prosperity of our Mystery School.