What Does Initiation Mean?

As Souls we are infinite beings of Light and Joy. But in the human world we are confined to a body and limited by the mental and emotional programming of our thoughts, feelings, and belief systems until we begin to awaken and to clear out these programs. 

For most people, these limitations allow us to only access a small portion of who we are. Science reveals that even on a good day, we only use 8% to 10% of our brains.

Initiation is the process through which we gain more and more access to our true Soul Self, our higher wisdom and abilities, and begin to slough off the emotional and mental debris that holds us back. When we become initiated at the First Initiation, we establish a hook up for ourselves with the Light and Sound of God.

Then, at every subsequent Initiation, we open up our subtle energy bodies to increase that flow to greater and greater streams of light, allowing us to become a stronger and clearer channel for God.

Receiving the Light

On a Technical Level

Many have asked how this process works, and in this short introductory overview we wish to take a moment to explain. In the human body there are three major nervous system: the central nervous system (CNS), the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). 

Each of these three systems have different functions, but when they work together with the use of spiritual energies, they facilitate the process of energetic or Kundalini awakening and enlightenment.

The ancient Sages knew this process. Thus they taught that by clearing out, and then expanding our capacity for higher energies to come through, these three nervous system will allow us to be better channels of Light. But to do this, we must first increase our capacity for the Life Force of the Universe to transmit its energies to us.

Becoming a Hollow Reed

cosmic Chakra Man

The central channel or CNS is called the shushumna in the wisdom of the Vedic teachings. Think of this channel as a hollow tube whose diameter is the width of a tiny coin. That hollow tube can normally only hold a small amount of water, but if we widen the tube, it can hold much more.

With each Initiation the diameter of the tube increases, allowing the student to become a stronger and stronger channel for the Light of the Creator to come in.

This means that you can not only receive more of the Life Force of Sugmad or God, but you can then connect more clearly to your Higher Self.

However as we enlarge this channel, we must also clear out any emotional or mental blocks in our energy systems. These old patterns or blocks are often stuck in our chakras.

The seven major chakras are repositories of energy where the subtle energy bodies are connected with the physical body. When we experience traumas, they get stored there.

Thus the thoughts, beliefs, limiting programs and emotions can clog up our subtle energy bodies and prevent the flow of creativity, ease and flow in our lives. In order to be the most effective channel for Spirit, we must clear out these old programs.

As we take the various Initiations and do our spiritual exercises, this will gradually start to happen. But if we go too fast, the new Life Force energy will come into your field and hit these blocks, sometimes creating big outer dramas to bring your attention to what needs to be cleared.  Doing emotional clearing work along the way thus becomes very important to our spiritual and physical health, so that you can grow with the least amount of drama and pain.

At each new Initiation this spiritual quickening occurs, so you will often be challenged to release these old engrams and programs that no longer serve you.  These may include self destructive habits, rigidity, judgments, lack of forgiveness, addictions, dependencies, bad eating habits, and negative attitudes. It can also include anger, lust, greed, vanity, fear, self worth issues, or the desire for power, attention or control.

None of these qualities work for us in the service of Spirit. They only prevent us from moving to the next level of our evolution.


So remember that the spiritual journey you are on is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Each of you have been around for a very long time. You have each had many lifetimes, as male and female, black, white, yellow, red, and maybe even polka dot. You have lived on other planets and other planes.

But now, in this life, you have been lucky enough to connect with a powerful Council of Elder Brothers and Sisters who are Masters in their own right. They have traveled the road that you are traveling now, and with love, insight and compassion they can help you on your journey.

Stay in the heart. Love yourself. Do your spiritual practices and give thanks for the gifts of Spirit that lie around you every day.

You are more loved than you know.

Blessing Be,

Mata Devi

Hear Centered girl