Journey Into the Inner Planes

While the structure and landscapes of the Inner Planes and the great Masters who serve there can be found in many of our spiritual books and classes, we want to take a moment to introduce you to these planes if you are unfamiliar.


Temple of Light

Right now you are living in the physical world, but above and below this realm are many other dimensions and sub-dimensions of life. Each dimension or plane is separated from seeing one another by vibration or frequency. And unless you can shift your consciousness into that frequency, you will largely remain oblivious to the existence of these other realms.

Upon occasion however a person may stumble upon a place where the Veils between the worlds are very thin. This often happens at holy sites, near megalithic monuments, inside of crop circles or at places that were once used for initiation.

In this way a person may gain a glimpse of a landscape or a being from another dimension: a fairy, a ghost, an angel, a dragon or even a Holy One.  These kinds of energetic shifts can also happen through reading a powerful spiritual book, by chanting, listening to crystal bowls or music, going into deep states of meditation, or using mantras or sound to lift the frequency of your consciousness.


In this same way a person’s perception may also shift backward or forward in time, allowing them to see events from the past, or flashes of events that might come in the future.  These flashes or insights will happen when a person’s inner sensitivities or gifts are strong. This includes the development of their Inner Sight or clairvoyance or their Inner Feeling or clairsentience. It can also happen because you are visiting a place where the Veils that separate the dimensions are very thin, allowing you, if only for a moment, a glimpse into another world.

Universal Soul Movement or Soul Travel is a way of learning how to shift our attention into these other realms deliberately.   And because it is a very big Cosmos, having a roadmap to the Inner Worlds is essential. And having the Inner Master by your side, a Guide who is an experienced traveler, is a wise choice to assist you on your journey.  

As vast as the physical realms appear to us now, the Universe expands at each successive level. So the Astral, Causal, Mental and Soul Realms are far vaster than our own. By choosing a living physical human being who has learned how to access these realms and traveled there on their own, it insures that you do not get lost or sidetracked along the way.

the Light Body


Over the centuries there has been much discussion among mystics about how many of these dimensions or planes exists. One of the reasons for this is not only its vastness, but because each of these Inner Planes has sub-octaves or dimensions within it. Thus much like an onion, the Universe and all the planes are layered moving inward to the center and the Source of Creation.

In the physical world for example, there are lower and higher sub-octaves of the third dimension. The spiritual city of Ekere Tere was created by the Masters at a higher frequency of the physical world. Today most people cannot see it with their human eyes, but its existence is still real for those who live and travel there


In a similar vein, all the magical creatures that we hear about in myth and stories still exist today, but most people cannot see them. That includes elves, pixies, fairies, gnomes, sylphs, undines, mermaids, dragons, griffins, and Pegasuses. It also includes Angelic beings or Spirit Guides from higher levels of reality.

Now, as the Earth is moving slowly upward in its frequency, there have suddenly been videos, films, photographs and reports on the internet of some of these amazing beings caught on camera.

In addition, there are also Extraterrestrial beings from any different dimensions and planetary spheres who are visiting, and who have visited our planet in the past, who are coming back to check on our spiritual evolution as a species.

Some of these beings come from the fourth and fifth dimensions, and they come and go from the Earth in ships of light, observing, assisting and helping our planet to shift in a time of enormous world changes.

Other extraterrestrial races fly third dimensional crafts made of nuts and bolts. Some of these more frightening looking species, like the grey aliens, are involved with technology, genetics and interfacing with the military industrial complex of our country, and their covert agendas to acquire technology and power. 

Some of these higher dimensional beings, including Angels, are vibrating at such a  frequency that they can teleport themselves at will through consciousness alone. These are beings who have mastered the physical world and are beyond the petty problems that many human beings deal with today.

Other, more third dimensional races, have learned how to open the doors between the sub-octave of our third dimensional world and the sub-octave that they exist on. This allows them to enter our reality, take what they want and then return the people they have taken to their homes with only a little missing time.

So it is a complex multidimensional Universe and one that can take a long time to explore.

Some of these beings come from the fourth and fifth dimensions, and they come and go from the Earth in ships of light, observing, assisting and helping our planet to shift in a time of enormous world changes.


However the general agreement among most mystics and saints is that there are seven major divisions or planes within the Lower Worlds and at least seven sub-octaves to each plane. However since Sugmad or God is ever evolving, this means that the Universe is as well.

We can see from our telescopes that the physical world is expanding. Galaxies appear to be moving away from one another at incredible speeds. And as Thoth’s Egyptian wisdom reminds us: “As Above, so Below, and as Below, so Above.” This tells us that this expansion is not just happening in the physical realms alone, but in the higher realms of Light.

Above the density of our physical worlds lie the Emotional Realms of energy, the Astral Realms, the Mental Plane, the Casual Realms, the Buddhic Planes and finally the Soul Plane itself. These are the dimensions of duality, where time and space, energy, waveform and sacred geometry exists. On each of these planes the laws of the Universe change. They densify as we descend into physicality, and they begin to dissolve as we ascend in frequency. These are the realms we call the LOWER WORLDS.

Ancient Astronomer

Above the Lower Worlds is the Great Divide. This is a chasm past which the egoic self cannot go. Here lies a great chasm that separates the worlds of time and space, form and experience from the eternal worlds of Oness and Bliss.


The Living Sehaji Master has achieved a state where he or she can work above the Great Divide, and she can also travel in all the planes and sub-planes of the Lower Worlds.

Spiritual teachers can only take you where they themselves have gone. So to be established on these higher planes is a feat of great mastery.

As an Initiate of the Way of Truth, this is the goal of every chela or student. Not only to learn, to travel and to study in these Inner realms, but to experience the grandeur and majesty of Creation Itself. In this way we achieve spiritual liberation, God Consciousness, or Jivan Murkti, in this lifetime.