So maybe you have just joined The Way of Truth Mystery School and you want to learn more about Initiations. In the drop down pages below this one you will find important information explaining just what Initiation is, how it works, and how you can become an Initiate.

But on this page we will give you a brief Overview of what to expect with your First, Second and future Initiations, and how to make the most of your time as you step onto this journey of enlightenment.


After you have joined The Way of Truth Mystery School, you will receive your First Initiation on the Inner Planes during the first three to six months. Some people get it within the first week or so, depending on how diligent you are with your spiritual exercises. This first connection with the Light and Sound, and the Inner Master, can take place in meditation or in your Dream State. You may remember it or you may not, but don’t worry, it has happened.

However, the more attention you put on reading the discourses and books, journaling in the morning, and practicing your spiritual exercises, the more likely you are to recall what has happened, and the quicker you will progress.

Dreaming man


Greater Initiations

From the Second Initiation on wards, all Initiations will take place on both the Inner and Outer levels.

Then, when you write your Initiate’s report to the Living Sehaji Master each year in the autumn, he or she will scan your field. If you are ready for another Initiation, the Master will let the head of Global Initiations know.

Then they will contact you and arrange a time, either in person or on the phone, to bestow the Initiation with one the Circle of Sehaji Initiates who are trained to bring down the Light for this next step in your growth.  

This process will continue for every subsequent Initiation as you slowly move through the various levels. At each step the purpose is to strengthen your connection to the Light and Sound and slowly establish yourself on the various planes of God.


Many of you have been called to this path in this lifetime because you have been Initiates of the Great Spiritual Mysteries in other lives. Perhaps it was in Egypt, Persia, China, Greece, India, Russia, the Americas, or in the Druid lands. Perhaps you were a shaman, a healer, a medicine man or woman, a prophet, an oracle, a priest or a priestess in other lifetimes. Perhaps you were an Initiate who only got so far, and no further. Or perhaps you actually came to embody the wisdom of the teachings and became a teacher yourself.

Each of us are at different point on the Journey to Awakening, and whatever work you have done towards the path of Spiritual Enlightenment, will become evident as you travel this path. Now, in this life, as your Soul begins to awaken once again, it hungers for this higher knowledge.

Perhaps you have a knowingness that there is more to life than what you learned in Sunday school or the local temple.

Third Eye Awaken Girl

Perhaps you have had out of body dreams, or precognitive experiences you could not explain.

Perhaps you have been visited by an Ancestor or a spirit in your dreams or at night. But whatever has happened to you has brought you to this path.

Now you are ready to have a direct experience of it for yourself. You wish to pull back the Veils and see beyond the mundane common world to find answers to the deeper reasons behind life, death, and everything that lies between. Perhaps you want to know who you really are, where you came from, and where you are going to go when you die. You want to discover your higher purpose and to live a life of joy, self-realization and balance, and to step out of the cage of karmic dramas.

If any of these are your reasons, then you have found the right path. The Way of the Light and Sound of God is a path of the Heart. It is a path of direct travel into the many mansions of God.

It is a path that has endured throughout the millennia in one form or another, but at this time, in this life, you have finally come upon it. You have found it, and you have been called. This is a great gift, and one that might not come again for many lifetimes. So take advantage of the door that has just opened for you, and feel free to step through.