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The Way of Truth as a modern day expression of the ancient path of the Light and Sound has many illuminating books. During Sri Michael Edward Owens’ fifteen year tenure as the 974th Living Sehaji Master he brought forth fourteen separate books on the various teachings and histories of the Path of Light and Sound.

Many of these beautiful books can be easily ordered through Amazon by simply typing in the name Michael Edward Owens.  If the book is available there, it will come up. Three of Sri Michael’s books are accessible for “Online reading” in both English and French without any cost. These three books can be found at: 


1. The Way of Truth Eternal, Book I – Ancient Teachings of The Light and Sound of God

2. Discovery of Self – Answers to Inquiries of the God Seeker

3. The Book of the Beginning  


Thirteen of Sri Michael’s books are available for purchase in a PDF format and 25 of his recorded talks in MP3 format are offered at another website: (These proceeds go to the author’s estate and do not benefit The Way of Truth.)  


To Read Psalms of the Prophets, Prose from Within and Without  and Glimpses of God 
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You Will Find a Review of These Many Titles
 by Sri Michael Owens Below

The Way of Truth Eternal – Book I
Ancient Teachings of the Light and Sound of God

This profound book is a holy book of the highest order.  It was transcribed by Sri Michael directly from the Temples of Golden Wisdom located on the Soul plane.

Each page, each sentence and each paragraph is a treasure and can be read over and over again, each time yielding more wisdom.

While all of these books are powerful, this one is of such high frequency that it can be said to be the holy scripture of the Way of Truth.

Book Way of Truth Eternal smaller

Ekere Tere: City of Light

This book reveals the teachings of many Masters on the Inner Planes who teach in a City called Ekere Tere (pronounced E care ah ter a). Ekere Tere is a city that was established by the Grand Council over the continent of Africa and it exists at a level slightly higher than our third dimensional world, so it can only be seen or visited by those who have learned to raise their vibrations and travel there.

The Grand Council understands the importance of this beautiful continent and its people in shifting the world to a higher frequency. Because of the ancestral use of black magic in this land, this City was established to help break the Kal or Dark force that has enslaved its people, and its creation is a cause for great celebration. This City can be visited in the Astral body or with the use of Universal Soul Travel.

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Guardians of the Gates of Heaven

This fun insightful book is a collection of transmissions from female Masters who have incarnated in their own eras throughout the centuries.

In these pages you get to know not only their stories of how their lives unfolded, but much of their wisdom and perspective on life, relationships, hardship, human challenges, and how we can overcome them.

Included are many powerful Masters including the warrior Kata Dakai, the Celtic and Native American healer Lemlet, Ursula Pendragon from Britain, the Christian martyr Prisca, Mother Mary and the wise teacher Brigit of Scotland and Ireland.

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Sehaji Transcripts

Sehaji Transcripts This is a beautiful Collection of many of the presentations, prayers and spiritual exercises that were presented by Sri Michael to audiences around the world between the years of 2004 to 2008.

Students and seekers from all paths will find these Transcripts illuminating.

Books Sehaji Transcripts

Paramitas: The Gathering of Many Rivers

Paramitas: The Gathering of Many Rivers – As the gathering of many rivers of the world’s great spiritual traditions, this book brings the multitude of spiritual teachings to a place of union and deeper understanding.


It also includes visits to spiritual cities like Agam Das located in the mountains of Tibet, Nampak, a vortex located in the super physical area over the Congo and Zaire, and Shamballa, the home of the Great White Brotherhood.

Books Paramitas

Spiritual Temples of God

Spiritual Temples of God – This book is in many ways the distilled essence of many of Sri Michael’s teachings.

At the deepest level it addresses the question of How We Can Serve God First?

It allows us to hear the head of the Grand Council Milarepa, and includes revelations from other luminaries like Mother Mary and other Guardians of the Temples of the Inner Planes.

Books Spiritual Temples of God

Babaji: The Beginning Has No End

Babaji: The Beginning Has No End – Babaji, revered guru of the famous Paramahansa Yogananda, author of An Autobiography of a Yogi, comes now to teach the world the secrets of entering the kingdom of heaven while still in a human body. In the book, Babaji, The Beginning Has No End, the Ascended Master communicates directly to his readers and explains how the opening of one’s heart is the key to heavenly entrance.

Times are changing. While his protégé established centers for the achievement of Self-Realization, Babaji seeks now to take humanity higher.In essence, he wishes to help us leave behind the limited awareness of Self-Realization in exchange for the compelling experience of God-Realization which involves the complete awakening of Soul to its true nature and to finding its place once again, in the heart of the Supreme Creator.

Books Babaji

Discovery of Self

Discovery of Self: Answers to Inquiries of the God Seeker –  This book is a fascinating and great place to start one’s journey into the study of the basics of the Light and Sound path.

Some of the topics include explanations of the spiritual laws of God, power of silence, karma, streams of reality, temples of Golden Wisdom, and the path to God Realization.

Books Discovey of self SMALL

Messengers of God

Messengers of God – A collection of presentations by spiritual and religious leaders of great wisdom who have impacted the world throughout the centuries.

These include Krishna, Buddha, the prophet Mohammed, St. Francis of Assisi, Joan of Arc, the Krishna devotee and poetess Mirabai, St. Sava of Serbia, St. Bernadette of Lourdes,  St. Teresa of Avila, Mahatma Gandhi, Rudolph Steiner, Edgar Cayce and Martin Luther King.

Books Messengers of God

Spiritual Comfort: Language of the Heart

Spiritual Comfort: Language of the Heart  Discovery of Self: Answers to Inquiries of the God Seeker – Spiritual Comfort is a collection of exercises, poems, and prayers compiled from Sri Michael’s writings and talks between 2005 and 2008, and serves as a bright beacon on the path and a source of immeasurable insight and inspiration.

Most importantly, it serves as a practical resource for immediate access to the keys to the Inner Worlds that are awaiting your arrival in awareness and acceptance. No matter what challenges you may face along the way, Spiritual Comfort will provide a means for mastering them.

One of the most wonderful ways to use this book is to hold a question in your mind and simply open its pages of practical wisdom to find the answer. In doing so, you will inexorably come into the mastership of the many dimensions of yourself, learning to eventually claim your inheritance as one who has moved from Self-Realization into God-Realization and beyond.

Books Spiritual Comfort SMALLER

Psalms of the Prophets

Psalms of the Prophets – This book was strongly influenced by Sri Michael’s conversations with many prophets from the Old Testament who are still active on the Inner Planes. 

Throughout the books the intention of the prophets seems to have changed from the more abrasive energies that we have all experienced in the Old Testament.

So this is a revisiting of the prophets’ perspectives as they have transformed throughout the centuries and turned from the old paradigm of an “eye for an eye,” into a more embracing perspective of love. A change whose time has come.  Available on Blurb

Books Psalms of the Prophets

Crown of Thorns: The Foundations of the Catholic Church

Crown of Thorns: The Foundation of the Catholic Church – The very foundation of the church is validated by the Saints experiences with God, the Holy Spirit and Christ Jesus. This book is an interesting take on these Saints experiences.

Books Crown of Thorns