Shri Mata Devi’s Books

Sri Mata Devi’s Books

Currently Mata Devi has four books in print. These are available through Amazon and can be ordered directly.

These books are full of grounded wisdom, ancient knowledge and hidden history, and three of the four books have over 100 illustrations, as well as many pages of footnotes, glossaries, and indexes at the back, creating very grounded “bridge books” that anyone can read.

Unlike Sri Michael’s books, which are directly channeled for Initiates and members of the Way of Truth, Mata Devi’s books are very historically grounded.

The Ankh and Key to Eternal Life

Completely encoded by the great Spiritual Masters with initiatory keys and codes, these four books serve as a powerful, yet gentle journey into the discovery of the existence of the Great Spiritual Mystery Schools that long graced our planet, but have been largely forgotten by the modern world.

They share a time in human history where people were more aware of themselves as immortal Souls, and the teachings of the Ancient Mysteries were part of an open culture. This means that all people who wished to study, could do so.

Along the way you learn about the Sacred Marriage: a path of Mastery that brings both the male and the female aspects of ourselves back into union, and opens the Way of the discovery of our true Soul Self.

We recommend that you read these books in the order listed below, for they will take you into a deeper and deeper understanding of the spiritual laws and teachings at the heart of the Mysteries.

Dialogues with the Angels

Dialogues With the Angels is one of those rare, thoroughly enchanting “bridge books” that tells a story of a young woman’s search for truth and her awakening gifts of the Spirit.  It has been called a “Masterpiece of the Soul.”

From the first page we are drawn into the story of a girl who wants to live with the immortals; whose extraordinary gifts of inner sight and hearing allow her to walk in two worlds.

The first is the world of American families everywhere – loving, dysfunctional and complex, where wounding catapults us into deeper questions about life, death, and the nature of suffering.

The second world is the land of devas, Spirit Guides and Masters, luminous beings of wisdom whose teachings  illuminate and soothe the soul.

This extraordinary adventure takes us into the realms of saints, Angels and inter dimensional travel where we learn about lucid dreaming, Shamanic guides, and a profound life changing mysticism.

With refreshing authenticity the author manages to convey the esoteric secrets of the Universe with such human accessibility that we find ourselves crying and laughing, rejoicing and hoping that this book will never end.

Return of the Divine Sophia

The Return of the Divine Sophia is an exhilarating shamanic journey into the discovery of the lost wisdom teachings of the Ancients and the reclaiming of the knowledge of the Divine Mother God.

Told as a story of deep initiation, it delves into the hidden history of our planet and a time when human beings lived in peace and harmony with one another.

Taking on the truths and fabrications woven into the Old Testament, it goes on to explore the lost wisdom teachings of both Jesus and Mary Magdalene that were later taken out of our New Testament, and begins to explore how an individual can begin to work with the archetypal forces of the many divinities or gods and goddesses that live within the Realms of God to become a more fully realized human being.

Finally this book addresses how the loss of the Sacred Feminine has caused our entire world to fall into a state of profound imbalance, and how we must correct that balance if we are ever to reach Christ Consciousness.

Return of the Divine Sophia

The Angelic Origins of the Soul: Discovering Your Soul's Purpose

In this incredible book, Mata Devi, internationally renowned clairvoyant, historian, teacher and cosmologist, takes us on a fantastic journey in the illuminated lands of the Far Country.

Drawing from the perennial wisdom of the Gnostics, Tibetans, Egyptians, Buddhists, Hindus, Hebrew mystics, and the profound wisdom of the ancient Mystery traditions, this beautifully illustrated book takes us into the vast territories of Heaven from which we all emerge.

Drawn from over thirty years of her research as a clairvoyant and past life regressionist, as well as thousands of ancient and modern Near Death accounts, we learn about the the realms of Heaven, the seven lokas or dimensions that the Soul travels through after death, and the existence of our Angelic Twin who resides in the higher worlds.

We also discover the Seven Stages of the Soul’s journey, the Nine Orders of Angels from which we all emerge, and how to master the Course Curriculum of the Soul.

This book takes us into the presence of angels, temples, cities of light, and the great libraries of learning where we uncover the very reason why we are born, why we die, and the true purpose behind our human existence.

Jesus: the Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years & Ancient Mystery Religions

Where was Jesus for the first thirty years of his life? Where was he taught? Who were his teachers and what was his preparation for his great spiritual ministry?

Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions offers startling new evidence culled from hard to find Vatican texts, theosophical classics, ancient texts, legends, and systems of hermetic symbolism used to construct a radical new timeline of Jesus’ life.

This book clearly establishes that Jesus spent seven years of training in Egypt among the highest spiritual initiates of his day, a number of years studying with the Druids in Britain, and several years training in India and Tibet before beginning his public ministry in Palestine.

Complete with over 100 illustrations, this is the single most comprehensive look to examine the direct similarities between Jesus’ teachings and the deep reservoirs of wisdom taught by the various Mystery schools that were wide spread at the time that Jesus lived.

Jesus Lost Years

These teachings were overseen by a group known as the Great White Brotherhood with various chapters throughout the world, including the Essenes, the Buddhists, the Mithrans,  the Zoroastrians, and the Druids.

Mata Devi shares powerful and compelling evidence that places Jesus’ life firmly within the context of a even deeper spiritual teaching taught by the Great Spiritual Mystery Schools, and takes us on a journey that reveals Jesus as the Master Initiate who was waited on for centuries by this ancient Wisdom Order.

Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions is revelatory, profound, and life-changing.