A Thousand Ways to learn

The Way of Truth Mystery School has many ways to learn and study, both on the Inner and the Outer levels. In the Inner Realms your choices for places to study are virtually unlimited. They are comprised of thousands of Temples, Universities and classes that you can investigate on your own or with the Living Sehaji Master, as you begin to practice Soul Travel, or Universal Soul Movement.


In the Outer world there are also many Books, Audio Recordings, Webinars, and Live Classes that you can attend. There are weekly HU Chant Meditations, a weekly Book Club, a weekly discussion group on a Discourse, and many other ways to be a part of this International Community of Light workers. All this is included in your Annual Membership, and some of these things are also open to the public.

To find out more about these go to the FREE PUBLIC EVENTS, or MEMBERSHIP EVENTS pages.

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A full list of Sri Michael’s Books can be found on the drop down page below.

And a full list of Shria Mata Devi’s Books can also be found on it’s down drop down page below.

All of these books are Available to Order on Just read through the various summaries and choose the book or books that you are attracted to now.

We wish you joy and illumination on your Journey!