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The Written Discourses

Because we have members all over the world, we have made the study of these discourses and classes easy to access for everyone.

The Beginner’s Discourses are the place where you will want to get started. There are five of these classes and they are only 4 or 5 pages long. But they contain potent spiritual exercises that you will want to begin to practice in your daily meditations. They will help you to begin to access your Heart Consciousness and to set a field of protection around you.

Next are the CORNERSTONES OF SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT discourse series. There are twelve of these and they are longer, deeper, and even more profound.

And then we have the SELF MASTERY DISCOURSE SERIES, which ranges from subjects like clearing out your mental, emotional and karmic patterns, Being Human and Being Divine, to charting the Quantum Field.

ancient writings

Because we have members in countries all around the world, some of whom do not speak English, you will also notice that with each discourse you will have a choice as to which language you prefer.

Simply click on your language of your choice with each of these discourses and a PDF file in that language will open up for you.

Then you can either print it off or study online. We suggest that you keep them in a 3 ring notebook so that you can go back and refer to them again and again, make notes on the side, and customize them for your own study.

Because the Beginner Discourses and the Cornerstone Discourse were transmitted by Master Sri Maximilian, they are transmissions of great potency and high vibration. Each time you read them they will activate you at deeper and deeper levels.

So don’t be in a hurry. Take time to let them soak in. They are potent spiritual food and they will shift you at a deep level.

Reading The Books

Illuminated Books

Under our BOOKS Section you will find books written by two of the most recent Living Sehaji Masters: Sri Michael Owens and Shri Tricia McCannon.

Sri Michael Edward Owens, also known by his spiritual name Dan Rin, wrote fourteen books during his twelve years as the Living Master.

We suggest you start with The Way of Truth Eternal. It is the most  foundational book of all, for it was brought down from the Temples of Golden Wisdom at the highest level. The reading of it will begin to accelerate you at a vibrational level on your path.

To see the Overviews of Sri Michael’s books, just go to the page below the Books Button and click on the drop down page beneath it.  There you will find a page with a short summary of each title.

Most of Sri Michael’s books are  available through Amazon.

Shri Mata Devi, the current Living Sehaji Master, has four wonderful books in print. These deal with the depth and breadth of the Ancient Mystery Schools, the hidden life and teachings of Jesus, the Return of the Divine Sophia or Divine Feminine to bring balance to the world, and the Angelic Origins of the Soul and the landscapes of Heaven.

Overviews of these four books are listed on a separate page under the BOOKS button. All of Mata Devi’s books are also available through Amazon. 

Spiritual Practices

Since the goal of every Initiate is to begin to have direct experiences with the Light and Sound for themselves, doing your Spiritual Contemplation practices are important.

Each of the Masters has given us specific exercises through which we may begin to clear our subtle energy bodies, strengthen our auric fields, begin to hear the Audible Life Stream, open our Inner Sight, and expand our Heart Consciousness.

These processes are found in all of the Discourses, and when you practice them, your life will begin to shift.

In addition there are processes for working in the Dream State, a time when each one of us allows our egoic self to step aside. This makes room for our Higher Self to awaken and begin connecting with the Inner Master.

Because of this you will find that you can begin to use your sleep and dreaming time to travel in the higher worlds.

First Contact

Once you are a member and have begun your study, a First Contact person will send you an email sometime in your first month.

This email will not only welcome you to the path, but will include their contact phone number and email so that you can set up a time to talk on the phone.

This is a great point person for you. This is someone who can answer questions, invite you to the weekly HU chants on Sunday morning, remind you of the weekly Book Club meetings, or spiritual sharing sessions that happen each week and generally be a great liaison for getting started.

This is also a great time for you to share some of your personal story and journey with other spiritual Seekers. Our First Contact people are usually 5th Initiates or above, so they have been on this path for awhile.

hand touching Bindu Point

While they may not be able to answer all of your questions, they will help to open the door to entering a community of spiritual initiates the world over who are all striving for a higher vision, a clearer path, and direct experiences of the Inner Worlds.

Whether you choose to study alone or to join into the spiritual community and get to know other students on the path, is entirely up to you. However the Way of Truth seeks to provide support, clarity and the power of group consciousness as a way of amplifying and accelerating your spiritual experiences.

Your First Initiation

Your First Initiation takes place on the Inner Planes, whether in the Dream State or in Meditation. This is a very important event, for it establishes that link between yourself and the Inner Master, and between yourself and the Light and Sound.

Every Initiation you take after that will take place on both the Inner and the Outer levels, but this first one will occur within the first three to six months of your meditation practices and study.

Over time you will then move through a series of spiritual Initiations on the road to becoming a Master.