The Way of the Magi

The first time that we hear about the Order of the Magi is in the New Testament account of the birth of Jesus or Issa, yet there is scant information about their origins in the Bible. Who were the Magi and where did they come from?

Wise Men Initiates

Three Wise Men

All that we are told in Christian traditions is that they are called the Three Wise Men who somehow had foreknowledge of the savior’s birth. They were following the “signs in the sky” and “a great star” that led them over far distances from other countries to arrive first in Judea to meet Herod, and then on to Bethlehem where young Issa was born.

So from the first we know that the Magi were astrologers and astronomers “who had seen the signs in the Heavens” and were able to interpret their meaning. This marks them immediately as highly educated members of the Great Spiritual Mystery Schools who had many chapters operating in countries around the world.  

But where were they from? Some believe that the Magi were Persian, Chaldean or Babylonian, for these countries were great centers of learning where astronomy and the study of the stars was in full bloom at the highest level of the priesthood. Some say that they came from India, China or Egypt, all great repositories of astronomical wisdom stretching back into antiquity.

Egypt, for example, had the Temple of On or Heliopolis (City of the Sun), which was dedicated to the study of the heavens. In its peak it had over 13,000 priests, priestesses, astronomers, astrologers tracking the movements of the stars each night in order to better understand our place in the Cosmos. Like the Mayans, the Chinese, the Persians and the East Indians, these Initiates sought to chart the vast cycles of planetary and galactic revolution which govern the Ages of mankind.

Still others have speculated that the Wise Men came from different countries, uniting together in their cause to find the Chosen Child. This includes the country of Albion or ancient Britain, home of the Druids who had over sixty universities and 60,000 students. They were also famous for their study of the stars.

The Three Gifts of the Magi

Yet whichever countries the Magi originated from, we know that they were Initiates of high knowledge and that their intention was to honor the coming of a great Master or Avatar whose birth had been prophesied for over 500 years in India, Egypt, Persia, and Albion. It was even known by the Essene community itself.

This prophecy had been made nearly 200 years earlier by the Teacher of Righteousness who had appeared to the Essenes and urged them to escape the politics of Judea, and to seek spiritual sanctuary in Galilee in order to preserve their higher knowledge. The Teacher of Righteousness was a member of the White Robe Order or Great White Brotherhood in the Melchizedek line of Initiates.

Further clues to the training of the Magi’s knowledge can be found in the three sacred gifts they brought to the Christ child. These were not jewels or money, but Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Gold is for the crowning of the sacred King. Frankincense is for the anointing of the high Priest King. And myrrh is an herb used in death, rebirth and resurrection, telling us that from the first, the Magi recognized the role that Issa had come to play on the world stage.

Issa’s death and resurrection lay at the heart of the great Mystery Schools for it symbolized the death of the mortal ego on the Tree of Life. By laying down our lives in service, we open ourselves to Spirit. So this seeming death is not a death at all, for in the surrender of the “little self” we are reborn into a higher and immortal life –  a life of living from the Soul.

The Soul is our true awakened Self, the being of Light that we really are. And through the sacrificial choice of the pure god-man, every man or woman in the world has the chance to claim his or her own immortal heritage.  

The Blue Robe Magi Order

Zodiac star map on blue

In The Way of Truth Mystery School, like all the great Mystery Schools of the past, we seek to remind our students of their own immortal natures; that no matter what your challenges or travails in life, who you really are is an immortal, imperishable being of Light.

The Order of the Magi or Magicians of Old, are those who seek to understand Cosmic Laws and Spiritual Truths. As members of the Great White Brotherhood they understood the cycles of reincarnation and rebirth that every Soul moves through in its journey to self mastery.

They understood the turning of the Ages that move like a vast clock through the Heavens, and the spiritual lineage of Masters who come again and again into the world to assist humanity in its progress forward.

The Magi priests, priestesses and astronomers were also members of the Blue Robe Order, an ancient Order of Initiates who were trained in the study of the stars. They sought to understand Earth’s place in the Cosmos, to journey into the heavenly realms in their Soul bodies, to make contact with our Star Brothers and Sisters, and to create temples that reflected the universal harmonies between the heavens and the Earth.

The Magi Are Returning

Today the Blue Robe Order of the Magi is resurfacing from the Inner planes. The study of astronomy, astrology, and the movements of the heavens affects the rise and fall of nations, societies and even consciousness on this planet.

Today we see the return of individuals who are beginning to explore the sciences of sacred geometry, vibrational healing, sound and frequency, planetary and galactic grid-lines, and geodetic principles that were once used in building the ancient temples that were aligned with the stars. These studies are all part of a knowledge that was once used by the Magi to keep us in harmony with the Cosmos.

Now as we stand on the cusp of a brand new Age, the 2160 year Age of Aquarius, which is just starting, we should be aware of what that means. Aquarius is ruled by not only by the element of Air (meaning mind, communication and  information), but also by the element of Ether. Ether represents  Spirit – a pouring down of wisdom from the stars and the higher dimensions.

The Winds of Change

So Earth is entering an era of great acceleration in human development. The frequency of the Earth, and all those on her, is slowly rising.  Spiritual gifts are awakening in people. Soul memory, still obscured as it is, is returning. Healing gifts are being activated. 

New discoveries, inventions and ways of thinking are being born. Visitors from other Star Systems are coming to visit us. We are discovering galaxies, other inhabitable planets and black holes at the center of each galaxy. In every way the power of Spirit is rising, as the old ways go screaming and kicking, trying to hold on to outdated paradigms of governance.

Yet in time, the old ways will give way to the new because the Cosmic Winds of Change are blowing.

So the wisdom that was taught by the Blue Robe Magi Order is needed in our world today. Understanding our place and Earth’s place in the Cosmos is of vital importance to all humanity as we navigate this passage of time.

It is the Blue Robe Order whose job it is to educate and uplift humanity, and to guide Earth into this next Age of Light. So if you choose, then join us as we don the Mantles of the Magi seers and healers once again to become good shepherds of the Earth in the years to come.