Sacred Chants


To download any of these Sacred Chants just Left Click on the MP3 file button. When it begins to play you can Right Click on the Player Screen. A Menu will come up. Just Click on SAVE AUDIO. Then just put it on your Desktop, in your MP3 Folder, or in a File Folder. Then you can play them in your car, your home, or when you are in your office. 

The Universal HU

The Universal HU is the Sound behind All Sounds. It is the Audible Life Stream that permeates the entire Universe.  Simply by closing your eyes and chanting this simple, but profound Mantra, within about five minutes you will begin to open your Inner Ears and tune into the vibrational Sound Current behind everything.

In the Way of Truth, this is  the sound that we use when starting a meeting or a Sacred Ceremony.

Spring archway

 It is the sound of the Roaring Ocean that changes at each dimensional level as one moves upward into higher spheres or planes in the process of Soul Journeying. It is the sound behind the hum of your refrigerator, the swish of a moving train, and  the vibration of molecules dancing in the “space between space” all around us.  Chant HU to be connected!

Amaru Kumara

AMARU KUMARA is a vibrational chant of extreme love and light. We use it to call the light of the higher planes down into this one to dispel negativity, raise frequency, and insure alignment with the Universal Good.

The term AMARU is an ancient name for the Divine Mother of Love. 

The word KUMARA is a reference to the Four Great Kumaras or Sons of God who periodically come to our Earth as World Saviors.

flower and butterfly

Some of the incarnations of these great Solar Lords are the profound Masters Jesus or Sananda, Thoth or Sanaka, Horus, Krishna, and Rama who is Sananthana, and finally Sanat Kumara, who heads up the Council of the White Brotherhood of Illuminated Masters.

When we use this chant we are calling in the love, light and grace of the Divine Mother and Sons to protect and guide humanity.


AH OM HU VAIR-AG, I  O  EE is a two-line chant that sounds more like celestial song. This chant is used in meditation or contemplation to connect with the Universal Field of the Akasha, and to set the mind to one side. 

The seed syllables of the first one, AH OM HU VAIRG-AG have the following meanings.

AH opens the heart. OM is the emanation of the Divine Mother. HU is the vibration of the Divine Father.


And VAIRG-AG means detachment in Sanskrit. This detachment is a detachment from the mind and the egoic self so that we can surrender into the Divine Mind of Sugmad.

The Second line is composed of I O and EE. I is the singular consciousness of us, the individual. O is the inclusive consciousness of the circle or the whole. In other words, the one in the many, us as individuals emerging from the totality of the Divine. And finally EE is a sound that awakens the Inner Sight or Inner Eye.

We use this mantra when we want to surrender or dissolve into Oneness with the Creator and the Divine Mind.


MA SA TI NO is the chant we use to dispel the negative conditioning of the mind, for ourselves or for others.

While “free will” is the right of every person, many people fall under the negative oppression of illusion, delusion, and negative societal programs that keep us enthralled to the dark forces or Kal power. 

This chant is  about starting to break up that negative conditioning.

Dandelion release

It is about freeing our minds from lies, deception, prejudice, and the many beliefs that keep us trapped and limited.  Use MA SA TI NO when you wish to dissolve these old engrams, either for yourself or for an area.

The Clear Path Healing Chant


This beautiful chant is the one we use to dispel fear, clear the Mind of negative engrams and programming, still the mind and align it with the Soul. The last line calls in the power of the Holy Spirit or of the Divine. Each of the four lines has a specific meaning.

Rainbow skies
The Clear Path

SA HA LI LO is about dissolving the engrams and layers of fear that many lives are wrapped around.

MA SA TI NO is about dissolving the illusions of the Mind that keep us trapped in duality.

JAH SEE NAH calms the Mind and aligns it with the Soul.

MA HA SA literally means “great” (Maha) “holy Essence of God” (Sa).

Vibrational HU sound