Global Outreach

The Way of Truth has Initiates in many countries around the world. These include America, Canada, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, France, Nigeria, Benin, the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, South Africa, the Congo and others too numerous to name.

Since our mission is the spiritual awakening and evolution of this planet and the human race, we welcome all Souls who share this vision. Only by working together to spread the Light and Sound and Love of God can we make this dream a reality in the world, and elevate the momentum of humanity to a higher level.

The Himalayas


Work on your own spiritual evolution. This is always the first step, for the more enlightened Souls we have living on this planet, the more we shift the balance towards an enlightened world.

Do your spiritual homework, whether it is chanting, meditation, emotional house cleaning, connecting with the Inner Master, riding the Pegasus breathing exercises, activating your Silver Vest, or getting grounded.

Develop a strong Heart Consciousness in everything you do. Listen to Spirit. Surrender the “little self” to the larger voice of your true Self, your Soul, and allow the Universe to lift you in its flow.

serene meditating girl

Let go of the karmic dramas in your life and allow them to dissolve, or resolve, with love and healthy choices.

Cleanse your body and mind so that they become better vessels for Spirit to operate through. Practice joy, for that is who you really are.

Release the emotional baggage that can often block you from taking the next step into living your divine potential. You will be lighter without it.

Stop doubting yourself and let go of your inner judgments of yourself and others. You are enough, and you are on the path to Mastery.

Listen for the Voice of the Inner Master who has traveled this path before you and knows its pitfalls. He or she will guide you on the path with kindness, honesty and wisdom, and he or she will never try to take your power or sovereignty as a Soul

Consciously work with the Light and Sound in your dreams, meditations and spiritual exercises. As we chant high vibrational tones like HU SUGMAD HU, we dispel negativity all around us, center ourselves in the current of Spirit, and clear the way for miracles to happen.

So Global Awakening starts at home with our own development.


When it seems appropriate, please share with others about this eternal Path of enlightenment. After centuries of being underground, the Path of the Light and Sound, which is a direct road to Source, is now ready to come back into the world.

The Kal force, or force of darkness, ignorance and fear has grown strong in this world. Misinformation, fear, and ignorance of these deeper spiritual practices is rampant. Many of the beautiful religions we have, have ceased to know about or even teach the deeper esoteric wisdom, and thus they act as shells where people go, hoping to become enlightened, and often go away disappointed.

Today we need people of heart, light, direct spiritual experience of God and a deeper wisdom to help transform this world and allow it to do a course correction in our societies so that we can help the beautiful Mother Earth to fulfill her destiny as a planet. It is now time, as we end a great cycle of evolution and move into another era of spiritual vibration.

Because the Way of Truth is a path that is free from the negative energies that teach shame, blame, guilt, fear and judgment of ourselves and others, it releases the Soul to remember its true nature. These negative belief systems, woven into the very fabric of our schools, religions and social systems create negative blocks to our spiritual growth again and again.  

Earth with grid around it on left side WEB

They pollute relationships, businesses, and our self worth. And over the centuries they have become engrams of fear and judgment that have blocked many wonderful Souls from further progress on the path. 

While we are here on Earth, all of us are in a school of learning. It is the nature of a school to make mistakes. So we must forgive ourselves, and forgive others. We must make a course correction. We must strive to do better, and to move on without the shadow of negative guilt, blame, shame, addiction or self recrimination.

So share this Path of Love with others when you can, always honoring their free will to listen and choose. This is a Path of the Heart, a Path of true Self Love, God Love and Spiritual Illumination.



Chant HU (pronounced Hugh) SUGMAD HU every day. You can do this for five minutes, ten minutes, or twenty minutes each morning. Do it even before you get out of bed. Do it at night before your go to sleep. Do it in the car going to work. Do it in the elevator or the laundry mat or in the park when you are walking.

When we do this we set up a standing wave of Sound that can change the world.

How has the Muslim religion prospered so, when it does not recognize the sovereignty of women, or half of the world’s population? Because each day thousands of men chant Allah five times a day. This creates a standing wave of frequency that expands the intention of the chanters.

So let us now choose to birth a higher frequency into the world, a frequency that honors the divine spark within every human being in fairness, joy and love. This chant not only accelerates your own enlightenment, but activates the Global Unity of all of Humanity.

Meantime, Welcome to the Global Team and thank you for being a part of this wave of transformation and love!

Meditate with the Galaxy