A Short History of The Way of Truth

In this century THE WAY OF TRUTH was founded in 2004 by Sri Michael Edward Owens, the 974th Living Sehaji Master, and is a non-profit organization. ‘

Yet the existence of the Way of Truth goes back further even than mankind’s appearance on this planet. It is a perennial Order of Inner and Outer Plane Adepts, Masters and Teachers whose core mission is the awakening and evolution of the human race – whether here or on another planet.


The existence of human beings, with their many variations, stretches across not only our galaxy but throughout the whole universe, being one of the major sentient forms in which Souls are experiencing the journey of forgetfulness, awakening, self-realization and union back to Source.

Each Soul goes through countless cycles of experiences on multiple planets and planes of reality in order to reach this point of Cosmic and God Awareness, and thus each civilization, no matter what the planetary system, also goes through its ups and downs of endless cycles as that civilization evolves genetically, emotionally, mentally, culturally, technologically and in their ultimate spiritual evolution. This has been true for billions of years.


Doorway of Light

But above the physical worlds in frequency and vibration are the subtle dimensions of intelligence, light, sound and energy. These are not simply clouds or interstellar space. These dimensions are as real as our own, inhabited by people, cities, planets and spiritual beings who are also at various stages of their Soul journeys.

These planes or dimensions have been known for centuries by those who can access them: mystics, saints, philosophers, spiritual Adepts, and holy people. The reason they can access them is often because they have withdrawn their attention from the material world and seek deeper answers to life’s questions. And these holy people, some known and many unknown, have long told us of these “Other Worlds”. 

Their existence has also been spoken of in the deepest esoteric literature of Hinduism, Buddhist, Taoism, Vedantaism, Christianity, Judaism, Sufism, and certainly by the foundational cultures of the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Persians, the Druids, the Mithrans, and the Native cultures around the world. Yet today, most people know little of them, for this esoteric knowledge has been lost or hidden in our mainstream religions.

Yet at the hearts of each of these great paths lies these inner secrets, secrets taught by the Spiritual Masters who founded these religions.

“In my Father’s House are many mansions,” Jesus tells us, reminding us that the physical world we see is only a tiny fraction of what exist.

Jesus also reminds us that the way to seek these realms is not a physical one, but rather an inner process. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within,” he says, giving us clues that the journey to Self Realization is an inner path.

Jesus called it The Way. Thoth called it The Ancient Way. Buddha called it The Middle Path, and Parmenides called it The Way of Truth. But it is the Path of Mastership that gives you access into the Inner Realms of Light.

Spiritual Adepts of many paths have sought to explore these worlds, and some have attempted to chart their structure, landscapes and territories. Others have met with the profound beings of light that inhabit and oversee these higher realms, and a few have even returned to share their discoveries with their fellowmen.


At various times this vast knowledge has become public, but in many centuries it has been driven underground by the people in power, passed on to only a handful of initiates who had the spiritual bandwidth to comprehend these teachings.  However most humans, challenged by the social mores of their day, the challenges of physical survival, the burden of human dramas and emotions, and a more limited wisdom, have sought to either pass these teachings by or to codify this wisdom into outer doctrine and dogma. Consequently the deeper processes of how to access these Inner Worlds has been lost. 

Some students have only understood the teachings of the Masters intellectually, but have never experienced it for themselves as a direct “gnosis” or knowing that transcends the mind.

Buddha of stillness

Others however, both men and women, have used the spiritual processes taught by the Masters to pull back the Veils for themselves and to gain access to these Inner Realms while still living in the human body.

To do so, they have had to step aside from their attachments to ambition, pride, ego, greed, lust, vanity, blame, shame, guilt and most especially fear.

Fear is the great Soul killer and illusion that keeps us from our true natures, which is the reality that we are created as beings of Light and Love.  Fear keeps us from moving forward and it can take many forms: fear of failing, fear of succeeding, fear of not being worthy, fear of being excommunicated, fear of not fitting in, fear of being alone, fear of being wrong, fear of trying and yes, even fear of dying, when in truth we are immortal beings of Light.


cosmic temple of light

Yet if we can push our fears aside and take the first step on the journey, we will follow in the Path of the Masters. We will learn to access the Heart Consciousness, conquer the shadows of the dualistic mind, and step into a direct experience of God and of these subtle realms of light.

This is the path that the Masters have traveled. These great Souls let go of their emotional and mental impediments, and began to travel deeper, further and higher into these Realms of Light, to the point that they became pure Light and Love. Along the way they realized that they were free – free to explore Truth at the highest level; free to travel without limitations into the vast reaches; free to learn in the Temples of Golden Wisdom located on every level of the Inner Realms; free to discover the history of humanity, the laws of the Universe, and to sit at the feet of even greater beings of Light who had achieved this feat in past cycles of time.

In the process these great Seekers became Spiritual Masters. Some chose to give up their physical bodies and move on to positions of service in the Inner Realms, overseeing great libraries of wisdom, halls of invention, universities of teaching, or serving in positions as Lords of Karma, Keepers of the Books of Life, Spiritual Guides, Teachers or Members of the Galactic Councils.  As in our world, each Soul is drawn to serve in different ways, and all choices are important, worthy and noble.

Others Masters have chosen to keep their physical bodies intact and to stay in human form so that they could serve mankind from this level. They have chosen to inspire others or ground an Order of Initiates or students in the physical world.


These are the great Vairagi and Sehaji Masters, also known as the Great White Brotherhood, the Fellowship of Light, the Galactic Council and the Ascended Masters.  From their ranks are chosen those we call the Grand Council. These are the Masters who select the next Living Sehaji Master, taking into account the pieces of wisdom that must be laid down in each era, so that the vibration of teachings of the Light and Sound will be appropriate and available to those who seek Truth in that age.

These are the beings that, throughout the centuries, have been behind the establishment of the various Mystery Schools of learning, seeking always to find a way to remind Souls of their eternal goodness and natures. These are the Masters who, while still honoring the Free Will of every Soul to choose, have continued to work behind the scenes tirelessly for the evolution of humanity on planets throughout the Cosmos.

In various times, in various cultures they have arisen, often selecting one or two souls of great merit to spread the message of their wisdom. Today we know of only a few of these names as leaders, prophets, social or religious figures who have been instrumental in shifting a culture towards the greater Light.

Masters of Light

These messengers are human like us, and some were more perfect messengers than others. They include inspired teachers like Akhenaton, Moses, Mohammed, David, King Solomon, Joan of Arc, Hildegard Van Bingen, Saint Francis of Assisi, St. Bernadette, Joseph Smith, Edgar Cayce, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. From the courage and sacrifice shown in their life of service, they are often elevated to begin their journey in the ranks of the Masters.

Master Jesus and the Third Eye

Yet we also find profound Masters like Jesus, Thoth, Isis, Osiris, Krishna, Rama, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Pythagoras, Parmenides, Kuthumi, Sanat Kumara, Hypatia, Saint Germaine, and Martin Luther King Jr., who were each Masters before they ever came to Earth. 

They chose to be born into the world of human parents, experience the hardships of human existence, fit into society to make a difference and to serve humanity with all their hearts. These are the great Avatars who volunteered to come down from the Realms of Light to anchor their energy here and now so that their lives, and sometimes their deaths, could serve the higher purpose.


All of these are the Masters behind the Way of Truth, a perennial path of wisdom, love and service whose goal is always the spiritual awakening of mankind. It is a path that offers a roadmap to the Higher Worlds and teaches the spiritual processes that will allow you to make that journey. It is a Path of the Heart.

If you choose to step onto this path you will make the transition from seeker to student, from initiate to teacher, and from a Messenger of the Light to ultimately being welcomed by those other Masters who have come before you to take your place at their sides.

So if you feel that this is the right time in your Soul’s evolution, we invite you to join us. When you are ready to place your feet on the Path of Wisdom, we welcome you into the Circle.