A Path of Love, Light & Sound

A Path of Love Light and Sound

First, Welcome. If you have somehow been directed or discovered this website, it may be that Spirit has brought you to the next step on your path to spiritual enlightenment.

Our numbers come from every philosophy, scientific discipline or religion in the world: Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Shinto, Hindu, pagan, Muslim, Goddess, New Age and even atheist.

What unites them however is a deep and profound search for Truth, a knowing that there is a profound Intelligence and beauty behind the surface world that we view with our outer eyes every day.

This deep desire to understand ourselves, our world and the Universe becomes a longing deep inside the Soul – a hunger that only direct experiential knowledge of Source and ultimately Self can fill.

At the core of the Way of Truth are the balanced teachings of the Middle Path, a path that stands back from the conflict of the two great dualities, and offers a shortcut back to Source.


The great Egyptian Master Thoth called this path The Ancient Way. Parmenides, the Greek philosopher, named it the Way of Truth. And the great Siddhartha Buddha taught it as the Middle Path.

Two thousand years ago the enlightened Master Jesus referred to this Teaching as The Way, a reference that appears again and again in the New Testament. And Jesus’ chief Apostle, Mary Magdalene, also known as “the Beloved Apostle Who Knew the All,” referred to this path as The Way of the Chalice.

Five hundred years later the search for these Sacred Teachings would become woven into the stories of King Arthur and the Quest for the Holy Grail. And later, in the 12th and 13th Centuries, they would become intrinsic to the Mission of the Knights Templar who were protecting this secret legacy of wisdom.

In truth, by whatever name this Path of Light and Sound has gone, or whatever the century of its transmission, these teachings are a Path of the Heart that gives us access into the Innermost Realms of the Divine.

The Way of Truth is not only a Path that teaches love, wisdom and compassion, but it is a path that gives us insight into ourselves, increased wisdom, and grounded tools to bring our lives back into balance.

Today we once again call this Mystery School the Way of Truth because its wisdom is both universal and perennial. 

It focuses on learning to connect with the Heart of God,  to travel into the Inner Planes or Spiritual Realms and encourages Initiates have their own direct experiences with Masters, Sages and Angelic Beings. It also teaches us how to ground ourselves in a deep unconditional love that has the power to not only transform our lives, but ultimately the power to transform the world.

Four Foundational Principles

The Way of Truth is a Path of the Heart. It teaches Four Powerful Principles.

The first principle is that Love, Sound and Light are the three purest ways that we can experience God, or Sugmad, here in the worlds of duality. These Four Principles are the underpinnings of the Universe itself.

The Lower Worlds are the worlds of contrast where light and dark, sun and shadow, good and evil constantly tussle with one another, providing a testing ground for all souls to experience contrast, and then (hopefully) choose a Path of Illumination and Love.

Celestial Light and Dark

The second principle is that the Universe and all that we see is part of the Creator. This being is a vast profound Intelligence; and all things are created by this being, both visible and invisible, thus all beings are an expression of the Divine.

This is what today scientists are calling the Quantum Field or Zero Point Energy Field. It is described by them as a vast Sea of Light. The Sehaji Masters of Wisdom call it the Ocean of Love and Mercy from which all things arise.

the Light of Buddha

The third principle is that each of us is an eternal Soul that has the divine spark of the Creator within us. This divine spark, which is called the Soul, is on a great adventure of discovery here in the  Lower Worlds – the realms of sunlight and shadow.

Thus the adventure of life is about learning and sharing, loving and caring,and  sometimes making mistakes along the way, but gaining wisdom as we go.

Ultimately we seek to discover and to activate the God light that lies within each one of us, and through the power of Love, to awakened it in others around us.

And in time, we hope to actually embody some aspect of that greater light as Masters ourselves, so that even though we are still living in the human physical world, we can be great channels of the Love and Light of God. When we can do this then we can embody our true  Soul or Higher Self.

This is how enlightenment works. We literally come to “enlighten matter” with our awareness of our own eternal natures. And the best way we can do this is with the heart.

The fourth great principle is the principle of Love, without whom no being can fully awaken. Since Love is the underpinning of  Creation itself, it is Love that awakens us, Love that sustains us, and Love that will bring us home.

So let’s take a look now at some of the most important elements of these four principles.


Much can we said about the nature of Love, and as we know, countless books have been written about it. 

But at the most basic level, we should realize that the entire Universe is made up of the adamantine particles of Love. This is because the Creator Itself is Love, and nothing can exists outside the Creator. In many ways we are like fish swimming in water, wondering if there is any evidence that water exists.

This means that we, and all that we see, are actually swimming in the Sea of Love with every breath we take, even though most of us have forgotten who we are, where we came from, or even what we are doing here.

awakened heart


The ancient Sages taught that there are three active ways in which we can experience the spiritual Light of the Sugmad or God: first, as the visible Sun in our skies each day. Without the Sun, there would be no life on this planet or any other.

This is one reason that we see the symbol of the Sun in so many ancient religions. The people understood this primary principle as intrinsic to life and thus, to God. The Sun gives us warmth, heat, light and growth. Without it we would die. 

Second, we can experience it as the Great Central Sun or God force energy behind all things. This is not simply the Suns at the core of each galaxy. It is the illuminating life force of the Divine Presence behind even the visible world. This is also the Inner Light that we tap into when we meditate.

As we move up through the various planes of God, this Light becomes increasingly brighter and brighter, illuminating the many levels or dimensions of Heaven. In the end, one cannot bear the brightness of this magnificent Light unless you have realized that you too are made of God’s eternal flame.

Once we are able to stand in this profound truth, then we become one with the Sugmad.  In ancient times these beings were known as the “Sons of the Suns of God.”

Third, the ancient Sages knew that because there is a fragment of that eternal Light within each and every creature, whether animal, plant or human, thus all things are sacred. However in human beings we have a chance to awaken to that eternal Light and activate it within ourselves. These Sages also taught that God, the Source of All Love, will periodically send Master Teachers into the world from age to age to remind us of this fundamental truth and to uplift humanity.

These great Souls, known as Masters or Mahatmas, were sometimes called Soular Sons. They are the great Avatars whose compassion for our human plight compels them to descend into the worlds of duality to lead their brothers and sisters home.

The Masters of the Way of Truth are some of these great Souls. They include teachers from many nations around the world, born in diverse cultures and eras. Some of these Masters you have heard of, while many have been hidden. They are messengers, both male and female, who have volunteered to bring the keys of enlightenment and spiritual liberation back to humankind.


“In the beginning was the Word” begins the Gospel of John. The Word is the Sound Current, the Audible Life Stream, and the vibrational underpinning of all things. Sound creates templates for sacred geometry and form.

Sound can alter our moods, evoke our emotions, activate our bodies, and change our consciousness. This is why music, song, chants and gongs have been used in sacred rites for ages.

While many people today realize that mystics have told us that Sound is the underpinning of the Universe, now today modern science has confirmed this principle. Before there was ever light or form or substance, there was Sound.

The Great OM. The majestic HU. The Seed syllable energy from which all emerges. This Sound Current has gone by many names throughout the centuries, and was taught only in the deepest Mystery Schools of Wisdom.

OM vibration

It has been called the the Shabda, the Bani, the Vani, the Eckshar, the Audible Life Stream, the Music of the Spheres, and the Voice of God heard only in the silence. Through the practices in the Way of Truth you can learn how to tap into this magnificent Sound Current and allow it to take you into the Heart of God.